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FREE 30-Minute Book Consultation

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To express my gratitude for purchasing one of my book on Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Executive Onboarding, Client Advisory Board, or Leading Change-Succession Planning-Organization Design, you are welcome to a conversation talk about any book related questions or applications.


Recently a new project management team at a manufacturing plant talked with me about “strategic planning application” for their team. And a former business client arranged for his son and I to have a career conversation related to “executive coaching”. An innovative business partner invited me to a podcast to talk about “leading change” with his client base. And interestingly, my dentist invited me to talk with his daughter about executive coaching and executive onboarding. I was honored for these opportunities to talk with business partners and family members.


In essence, my book provides a common language and approach for a quick and meaningful conversation. And book opens a conversation to provide a fresh and objective ways to looking at decisions, planning or opportunities. All is asked before the call is to prepare a clear and concise summary of your challenge and at the end of the call share what you gained from the call or wish what might have happened differently during the conversation.

As an independent consultant since 2005 I have partnered with over fifty organizations to complete nearly 300 consulting assignments primarily on the topics of my books. Most clients are based in these industries: financial service (investment & banking), manufacturing, engineering, aviation, data processing, IT, professional associations, government services, arts & entertainment, secondary and higher education, health care, government, university foundations and community non-profits.


To request a free, 30-minute conversation please contact me. Thank You!!!

(513) 227-4923

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