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Organization Development Competencies Overview

What Do Clients Gain?
  • An energetic and can-do perspective

  • A different way of looking at your situation

  • Access to a body of knowledge gained over many years of experience

How Are Services Delivered?
  • Options for action fit the situation and culture

  • Focus to bring-out the best in each person

  • Positives are accentuated and missed opportunities are confronted

  • Services are customized and reasonably priced

How Are Clients More Effective?
  • Clients have a better understanding of what is working, what is not working and know what to do about it

How Do Clients Go Forward?
  • Clients have more options, capabilities and confidence

is a bridge from potential to role model

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is a bridge from good to great

is a bridge from uncertainty to clarity

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is a bridge from guesswork to marketplace intelligence

is a bridge from the present to the future

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is a bridge from interruption to continuity

is a bridge from adequacy to excellence

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Org Dev’l (OD) is a process to improve business processes, interpersonal relationship, and business outcomes. It focuses on inputs, process, products, outputs, and outcomes to improve capacity, capabilities, and competence to achieve desired outcomes for those with a vested interest in the organization.

I have been fortunate to have learned OD from gifted OD scholars, remarkable managers, professional certifications, and decades of engaging clients’ experiences. This OD learning and extensive OD practice manifests as deep and transferable knowledge in the following Org Dev’l competences:​

Executive Coaching
  • How many ways can executives coaching help leaders become better leaders?
Strategic Planning
  • Have you covered all the bases with your strategic plan?
Executive Onboarding
  • Are your leaders making fast and effective transitions to new leadership roles?
Clients Advisory Boards
  • Do you know how your clients see the future of their and your organization?
Leading Change
  • Do you know what changes match the organization's needs, culture, pace and budget?
Succession Planning
  • Do you have the quality and depth of leaders to drive current and future strategy?
Organization Design
  • Do you use it to execute strategy, integrate efforts across boundaries, and develop leaders?
The following pages describe the nature and impact of these OD competencies. And what I strive to leave behind for those who are interested in and appreciate the value of Organization Development.
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