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mglenn.odx, LLC

Organization Development Consultant

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Thank you for landing on my website. Please take a moment to explore the various website features for something that might be interesting now or in the future. 

My mission is to contribute to your mission in ways that are creative and highly desired by you.

My vision is to provide futuristic and extraordinary insight for your benefit.


My values include:​

  • guiding leaders toward contributions to increase the health & wellbeing of their organization

  • celebrating leaders that model conviction and humility

  • acknowledging individual efforts to bring-out the best in others

  • encouraging mastery of difficult situations

  • highlighting how values contribute to mission, vision, and strategies

  • promoting the representation and inclusion of people of different ages, races, ethnicities, culture and sexual orientations

The organization development practices featured in this website have evolved from first-hand experience with extraordinary leaders and outstanding organizations over the past 45+ years. This experience has been blended with a natural curiosity to understand the client’s aspirations, people, culture, challenges, and opportunities to produce creative and customized services. The ultimate success is helping clients get things done faster, better, and more collaboratively. Clients have invited me back, referred me to others in their network and challenged with scope-stretching requests.

Client Services

Executive Coaching
Executive Onboarding
Leading Change
Organization Design
Strategic Planning
Client Advisory Boards
Succession Planning
I promise to remember that your interest and support makes my organization development practice and publications possible.

Adam Grant quote from May 22, 2018, podcast with David Burkus


“I just write about what I’m passionate about and put it out in the world.

I hope it helps.”

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