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Executive Coaching

Leadership is the act of guiding and influencing the performance, words, and actions of others toward organizational goals. Every aspect of a leader’s performance, every conversation they have, and every action they take demonstrates what values they believe are important to the organization. The best leaders, find satisfaction in the achievement of others. They know the currency is not what they do but the impact they have. The leader ultimately helps others think more, dream more, do more and become more.


Executive coaching is a team sport and seeks to inspire beyond what it is believed to be possible. It focuses on what a leader wants to create, preserve, eliminate and accept as reality. Some highlights of executive coaching making peace with reality, bringing-out the best in others, avoiding missteps and succeeding with things that don’t come naturally.


The coaching can focus on skills, performance, development, or the executive agenda (Witherspoon, R., and White, R.P., Four Essential Ways that Coaching Can Help Executives, CCL, 1997)

In my book, An Org Dev’l (OD) Approach to Executive Coaching, I discuss the Inputs, Process, Product, Outputs and Outcomes of executive coaching. In addition, I offer coaching principles and viewpoint that leadership is a profession with practical examples. The book summarizes forty years of leadership coaching. 


The book was published in December 2020 and available on
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