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Leading Change

Featuring a Case Study

Leading Change is considered the cornerstone of organization development practices. The other org dev’l practices in this website from executive coaching to organization development are subject-matter leading change applications. Change generally occurs when there is a high degree of dissatisfaction (pain) or a super promising opportunity (attraction). Either situation often leads to the articulation a better state (vision), the creation of a guiding coalition, the acquisition of required resources, the creation of an action plan and execution of factors leading to success. Although we constantly lead change in our personal lives and careers, it is imperative to learn from everyday change experiences to expand our capabilities to successfully lead change.

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Leading change must contribute to the organization’s mission and vision. The change must adhere to or future the organization’s cultural norms. A challenge of leading change is not finding supportive literature. The challenge of leading change is finding the right support literature and relating it to the organization’s clients, finances, internal business processes, talent, culture, and technology. I look to writing about change challenges, models, and results.

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