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Executive Onboarding

Executive Onboarding (EOB) is a dynamic process that is effective and loaded with options to build confidence and competence moving into a new leadership role without grinding any gears or losing forward momentum. It is a stark contrast to the oh so often sink or swim transition experience of many leaders. This process definitely generates comfort and confidence for the new leader and his/her new team. For instance, there is more clarity of the past and present challenges and expectations of this business unit. In addition, the development of the group is accelerated and characterized by positive and production relationships. The executive onboarding process makes this leadership transition substantially more choice than chance.

This process engages the new leader and leadership team in open and honest discussions about mutual interests, expectations, leadership styles, strategic alignment and focus for the next six months. For example, EOB conversations often touch upon the need for start-ups, realignments, turnarounds or staying the course. The nuances of less obvious challenges and cultural taboos often enter the conversation too. Executive Onboarding sets-up the new leader and the team for success!

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The entire end-to-end process of Executive Onboarding is featured in my book, “An Org Dev’l Approach to Executive Onboarding: Exploring the Advantages.” The book discusses the purpose, patterns, potential and end-to-end process of executive onboarding. The text is also organized according to the Organizational Elements Model (OEM) of Inputs, Process, Product, Outputs and Outcomes by Roger Kaufman.


This book was published in September 2021 and is available on
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