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Client Testimonials

Executive Coaching

"Mike Glenn worked with me for a year on a customized executive coaching process.  The engagement—including most importantly having access to Mike’s gifts of subject matter expertise, enthusiasm, and devotion—helped me tremendously in progressing as a leader who is more ready, willing, and able to help the bank sustain excellence in the future.  I recommend Mike to any manager, leader, or company with needs for executive coaching and other services he offers."

– Steve Sponaugle

Chief Risk Officer

Federal Home Loan Bank

Cincinnati, OH

"Mike has provided absolutely outstanding support to me, my team and the business as a whole.  His consulting expertise over the last ten years has helped us manage through extraordinary change, drive productivity and develop our management bench strength.  There are a lot of consultants out there that claim they can affect the bottom line.  I know from personal experience that Mike does more than claim, he delivers. Mike has the ability to take the most complex of business issues and help managers see through to the other side.  He’s amazing."

– June Smith

HR VP Global Financial Services Organization

"The Executive Transition process was a valuable exercise that helped focus my energies on key objectives within targeted timeframes in order to maintain the continuity of daily operations and long-term strategies, while implementing organizational changes related to new leadership. Mike’s structured process, individualized “Roadmap” and insightful guidance helped facilitate a successful transition on a personal and company-wide basis."

–  Andy Howell 

President & CEO,

Federal Home Loan Bank

Cincinnati, OH

"My executive coaching engagement with Michael Glenn was in every way a “5-Star” experience! Michael used customized techniques that built throughout the year-long process. His ability to “see people” is remarkable. I learned powerful and impactful techniques to elevate my leadership capabilities. And how I can help others do the same (this feature of his process was the most amazing gift throughout the process.) He is inspiring, insightful and impactful. Michael Glenn is a master craftsman – a ‘must have’ for any business looking to improve their executive team!"

– Jim Frondorf

First Vice President – Credit Services

Federal Home Loan Bank

Cincinnati, OH

"I had the pleasure of working with Michael during a yearlong coaching engagement. He is such a great listener and communicator that we were able to forge a strong bond very quickly. Michael enhanced my leadership capacity through a structured approach that identified key areas of emphasis. He has a keen ability to synthesize and distill complex issues which leads to tremendous learning opportunities and an excellent framework for continuous improvement."

– Darren Kuntz

First Vice President, Assistant Treasurer

Federal Home Loan Bank

Cincinnati, OH

"I had the opportunity to work with Michael in a leadership development capacity for a year.  His ability and willingness to leverage his vast experience and customize it to our individual engagement was instrumental.  He listens carefully and offers thoughtful and actionable feedback that any aspiring leader can use a resource long after the commitment is over.  I’m sincerely grateful for having the opportunity to work with Michael."

– Dan Tully

Assistant Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Federal Home Loan Bank

Cincinnati, OH

Executive Onboarding

"Michael Glenn worked with my teams at two organizations providing facilitation expertise in the areas of Executive Coaching, Succession Planning, On-Boarding, Strategy and Goal Development as well as working through team issues around employee disengagement. In each situation, his facilitation skills, ability to quickly build trust and confidence with staff and his ability to draw out critical factors led to a most successful consulting engagement. His easy style and mannerism allows him to quickly become more of an extension of staff than simply an outside consultant. Such style again enhances the overall quality of the end product. I would readily utilize Michael on any future engagement where his expertise could be best utilized."

– Bud Stevens



"I have contracted with Mike many times over the years to onboard senior level executives. I have seen how Mike has accelerated an executive’s effectiveness with their new teams – gaining a high level of productivity months ahead of schedule. The value this process adds is priceless!"

– Daniel Knight

President at Headhunting

"I am a two time onboarding client and the process has delivered a great outcome each time. The session accelerated my team’s cohesion, built enthusiasm and provided a foundation for creating quick momentum."

– Greg Witham

Leader, United States Client Services

Mercer Outsourcing

"Mike’s customized onboarding programs have allowed me to engage with new management teams and businesses partners more quickly and accelerate my contributions to the business."

– Rich Linton

Head, ING Individual Markets

Strategic Planning

"The UNT Foundation engaged Mike to facilitate its first formal strategic planning effort.  Overcoming board members’ past experiences with overly-structured, template-driven planning processes that produced “thick plans gathering dust on shelves,” Mike was highly-responsive to our unique requirements, offering creative ideas and processes that always advanced our planning, without overwhelming it.  The results: engaged, satisfied Board members, broad commitment to our plan, and a dynamic portfolio of strategic options that are tightly integrated with our ongoing business operations and decision-making—and that means no dust!  Well done, Michael!"

– Michael Mlinac


University of North Texas Foundation

"I have worked with Michael for many years and all of his work has been of the highest quality. More recently, we could not have been happier with the results from working with Michael on our strategic plan. He had a clear view of the process necessary to produce an outstanding strategic plan for our organization and how to get high levels of engagement from our stakeholders. He is marvelous to work with bringing a flexible personal style without losing a strong orientation toward results. I would recommend him without hesitation."

– Guy Patton

President & CEO

University of Oklahoma Foundation

"For many organizations, the Strategic Planning process can be viewed as a tedious, but necessary process for organizational development.  Our Board of Directors engaged Mike Glenn to guide us through the strategic planning process for The Carnegie Board.  From the very first meeting, Mike was a master at guiding our team efficiently through the strategic planning process.  After each meeting, the strategic planning team members were energized by the insights realized during each step of the process.  Mike really made the strategic planning enjoyable and fun, and at one point, we dubbed him the “Board Whisperer”. Mike has a powerful and engaging way of helping organizations take a broad brush of ideas and aspirations and pare them down to produce the most meaningful and measurable goals for the organization.  With Mike’s help and expertise, The Carnegie Board has built a solid strategic plan that will take us through the next 3-5 years."

– Molly Prues


The Carnegie Board of Directors

Covington, KY

Succession Planning

"I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Michael while helping organize the HR Academy session sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association.  Michael came highly recommended to our organization to be a speaker on Succession Planning.   The feedback we received from the attendees regarding Michael’s presentation was outstanding.  Michael’s knowledge around succession planning is exceptional.  In addition to being an effective presenter, the information he provided was very relevant and useful.  He has a very thorough succession planning road map that can be customized to the needs of any organization.  Michael exceeded our organization’s expectations and I would definitely recommend him."

–  Shirley Seifert

GCHRA Professional Development Committee Volunteer;

Director of Corporate Development

HUFF Realty Relocation

"While Executive Vice President at Fidelity Wide Processing I sought out Mike’s counsel to assist me in developing an effective Succession Planning Process for my executive leadership team and their staffs. Through a series of thought provoking discovery sessions we were able to craft a strategic Succession Planning Process for the business, enabling me to develop strong managerial bench strength and a process for developing the future leaders of FWP.  I encourage any business leader that is interested in building a strong and effective leadership team to seek out Mike and take advantage of his experience and the services he has to offer."

– Douglas Sutton

Corporate Vice President, Operations Excellence

American International Group

Organization Design

"After utilizing Michael Glenn to help us evaluate and re-organize our staffing and develop a process to evaluate the effectiveness of our activities, I recommended him as a guest presenter at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives annual convention in Los Angeles.  He and I were privileged to co-present to my chamber colleagues from across the U.S. and other countries, our success story about the NKY Chamber’s re-organization and program review process."

– Steve Stevens

CCE, President and CEO

Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

"Soon after joining UMB, Mike facilitated an executive on boarding process for me with my senior staff to ensure teamwork across my organization and alignment with business partner priorities.  Mike was instrumental in fostering an open communication environment and productive conversations to improve our division’s interaction with the various line of businesses that we support across UMB.  He quickly established effective working relationships with my staff and helped us with this internal business partner cultural transformation. He effectively helped us define our overall Vision and Mission statements, formalize our business partner management process (i.e. expectations, performance measurement and reporting, continuous improvement), and establish our Business Partner Relationship Operating Principles.  I firmly believe that Mike’s engagement positioned us to deliver the improvements in overall business partner satisfaction that we have made over the last two years relative to the operations and technology functions that the division delivers daily.  Needless to say, Mike is a valued partner who I would highly recommend to others!"

– Daryl Hunt

Executive Vice President – Financial Services & Support

UMB Financial Corporation

"Mike was instrumental in helping me understand how I could integrate a new team into a broader, more established organization.  We worked together to understand organizational sensitivities and identify strategies for a more productive, integrated team. Mike’s approach and style allowed us to get to the core issues quickly and engage in an open and frank dialogue.  The effectiveness of his efforts were core to results the business delivered over the past three years!"

– Patrick Moore

Senior Leader, Banking Industry

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