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Strategic Planning

One of things that excites executives is contributors who fully understand and live the Core Business: mission/purpose, vision/direction, leadership (direction), culture/values and strategies. Strategic planning involves creating a road map to activate the vision that provides context for day-to-day actions, measurable expectations, execution accountability and periodic reviews. Strategic planning is establishing the highest probability of organization success. It aligns people and processes for desired results. A difference between organizations thriving or surviving is likely the creation of an opportunistic strategic plan. Strategic planning is making high-level choices of where to invest organization resources and establishing a tight link between vision and performance. The ultimate outcome for a strategic plan occurs when everyone understands the strategic plan, sees how their role contributes to the plans and work collaboratively and confidently to executive measurable strategies.

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My book, An Org Dev’l Approach to Strategic Planning: A Springboard to Success,  is a launching point for strategic planning. It is designed like a smorgasbord to potentially fill your plate with ideas, processes, or tools that are beneficial for strategic planning endeavors. The models and tools in this book are time-tested patterns of strategic planning effectiveness. Strategic planning is meeting short-term needs and executing for the future. Like all my books, this book features the Organizational Elements Model (OEM) of Inputs, Process, Product, Outputs and Outcomes by Roger Kaufman.

This book was published in April 2021 and is available on
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